Our Story

In 2006 we started the adventure of creating a small family mandarin farm in the ideal soil and climate of the San Joaquin Valley in California. What we saw around us were two different kinds of farms. On the one hand there were the small farms that were barely surviving, using old and wasteful methods but still giving their crops personally attention, and on other hand were the massive industrial productions that had the San Joaquin Valleyresources to utilize the latest technologies but lacked connection with the land. With our small plot of barren land situated in one of the most fertile regions of the world, we saw a challenge and opportunity to try to combine the good parts of both. Since then we are committed to the principle that the best and most nutritious fruit grows when the personal attention and care of a small farm is combined with intelligent use of technological innovation for improving efficiency and our environment. We believe in creating a symbiotic relationship between people and the earth, utilizing agricultural innovations while remaining intimately connected to each and every tree in our orchard. We take great pride in building our farm in line with these values.

At Twin Tree Farms, sustainability, technological innovation and personal care all come together to create a superior mandarin. So how do we do it?

We are maximizing sustainability and energy efficiency by using the water saving technology of drip irrigation, co-generation, solar power and 100% electric powered vehicles. We give our soil, trees and fruit constant care with regular testing and optimized nutrients in order to grow our fruit as delicious and nutritious as possible. Our farm is owned and operated by our immediate family along with our long-time dedicated employees. We have implemented a profit sharing system for each of our employees, extending the feeling of responsibility and care to all of us on the farm. Our goal is to fine-tune our craft and grow the best mandarins available on the market. While we are surrounded by huge industrial farms that produce massive amounts of citrus, we focus on quality rather than quantity

And the result?

Easy to peel, juicy, sweet mandarins that are rich in flavor, Vitamin C , Vitamin A, and other vital nutrients. 

We have a robust food safety program which includes a full traceability system and HACCP program. We are certified Kosher, and will offer certified Organic starting in the fall of 2024.

If you'd like to visit our farm we'd be happy to show your around. Please feel free to contact us.